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Rosa Amoroso

Photo of Rosa Amoroso
Office United Kingdom Website: The Flexibility Clinic

Melissa Brown

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Island Hellerwork Office 834 Finlayson Arm Road Victoria British Columbia V8B 6E5 Canada Home Phone: 250-661-1687 Website: Island Hellerwork

Melanie Chasmar

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Fit Chick Office PO Box 133 Haney Saskatchewan S0G 2E0 Canada Home Phone: 306-960-3698 Website: Fit Chick

Melanie Chasmar
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach
Fast and Female Sport Expert
Certified Hellerworker (Structural Integration)

Hanley, Sask (2 miles north of Hanley )
Hours flexible:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-6pm
Saturdays 10am-1pm

I discovered Hellerwork in 2004 after injuring my low back weight lifting .
I had been going to massage and chiro and felt pretty good, but was intrigued to see what this “Hellerwork” was all about.

As I laid supine on the table for almost the entire session, I was getting a bit worried as she had still not touched my back and that was my biggest complaint!
So i asked her….”you know it’s my back that is the problem right?”
She reassured me she knew what she was doing 😂
She also informed me that she needed to help loosen fascia that was connected to my back and was pulling my pelvis forward.
A light bulb went off as she explained this.
Lifting weights I had spent so much time in flexion (and flexing!) and not enough time in extension!
She was extending me!

She was also helping me relax and let go.
I was so used to posing, standing flexed, and sucking everything in all the time that no wonder I was rigid, tense, and had pain.

After that session , I felt better than I had ever remembered and immediately booked another session as I wanted to do the series!
If she could help me feel this good in 90 minutes, what would I feel like after 10 more sessions!
I also looked into trainings and found there was a Hellerwork school starting that August in Victoria, BC!
I signed up immediately!
Change was happening quickly and it was exciting!
In October 2005 I graduated.
Hellerwork has been one of my favorite parts of my life for the past 15 years.
I look forward to many more years of helping people feel better in their bodies 🙏🏻

Alison Child

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Massage Therapy Group Office #201 – 821 Burdett Ave Victoria British Columbia V8T 3A1 Canada Home Phone: 250 383-3011 Website: Massage Therapy Group

Aaron Clark

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Cycle Of Balance Hellerwork CHA Office 503 7th Ave Invermere BC V0A 1K2 Canada Home Phone: 250 342-1645 Website:

Jean-Luc Cortat

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Renaissance Wellness Office Box 185 – 505A – 7th Ave. Invermere British Columbia V0A 1K0 Canada Home Phone: 250-342-2535 Website: Renaissance Wellness

Janelle Hardy

Photo of Janelle Hardy
Office Whitehorse Yukon CanadaOffice Vancouver BC Canada Home Phone: 250 466-4316 Website: Time to Realign

Janelle Hardy has a particular passion for taking highly-sensitive, soulful people and folks who’ve had decades-long back pain through the 11-session Series. Her primary focus is on supporting their whole-self growth (while also relieving the aches and pains that typically bring someone into their first session!)

After becoming a certified Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner in 2007, she spent her first five years of her practice as the only Hellerworker (and one of three Structural Integrators) in her northern Canadian home of Whitehorse, Yukon. For the next five years she worked with clients in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, BC, and then spent three years working in Vernon, in the Okanagan Valley of BC.

Janelle currently offers Hellerwork sessions seasonally and by appointment in Vancouver, BC and Whitehorse, Yukon. Get in touch for more info.

Janelle is also the creator and teacher of an online transformational memoir-writing course called the Art of Personal Mythmaking. This process uses body-based, trauma-informed writing prompts, fairytales and themed modules to support creative folks who are interested in healing from their life stories as they write their memoirs. Learn more at

As a self-employed, white, cisgendered, Canadian woman she believes Black Lives Matter, she stands for LGBTQIA+ rights, and she is actively investing in and working to build an inclusive, anti-racist healing arts practice and business, from the inside out.

She works and lives on Ta’an Kwäch’än and Kwanlin Dün land in Whitehorse, and on xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations land in Vancouver.

Katherine Leslie Pearce

Photo of Katherine Leslie Pearce
C.H.P U Retreat Office 1500 Haultain St Victoria British Columbia V8V 2B6 CanadaOffice Sidney British Columbia CanadaOffice Langford/Colwood British Columbia Canada Home Phone: 250-595-0043 Website: U Retreat

Katherine is a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, trained in Australia, who has been practicing in Greater Victoria, B.C. for the past 16 years.  With a background in Modern Dance performance, Hanna Somatics, and Yamuna Body-rolling, she brings to her clients an innate curiosity of the relationship between alignment and movement, and a felt-sense of the human form.

Katherine also draws from her continuing studies and interest in Rosen Method, Aston Kinetics, healthy ergonomics, energetic healing, and chronic pain management to tailor sessions to her client’s individual needs.

HELLERWORK is a uniquely satisfying system of structural bodywork that combines myo-fascial release techniques, movement re-education, and internal awareness so clients can move with greater fluidity and less pain.  Poor postural habits and held tension from injuries or repetitive activities can prohibit functional movement.  By releasing these “old” patterns in the body, new possibilities emerge, opening up the potential for optimal alignment and restorative healing.

For more information on Hellerwork, visit   “Shift Happens!”

“Katherine is a gifted and trusted Hellerwork practitioner whom I have been working with personally and professionally for ten years. She has seen me through numerous marathons, two healthy pregnancies and has worked with me to correct numerous structural imbalances from 12 years of planting trees on our rugged north coast.  As an ND I have referred numerous friends and patients to her with excellent feedback and results.  Katherine is able to hold a space that allows one to feel vulnerable and supported, which facilitates deep healing on all levels. I have complete confidence in her skills and highly recommend working with her.”

-K.S.  Naturopathic Physician

“My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have been on Katherine’s client roster for about the last nine years.  She was our introduction to Hellerwork. We had both experienced massage therapy but nothing we had done in the past compares to the benefits we’ve enjoyed from Hellerwork. Of all the treatments I’ve previously had I can say that Hellerwork is the only thing that has been truly therapeutic on a consistent basis.”  “…As Katherine moves from one muscle group to another, I know that she is constantly assessing the result of what she has just done and modifying the treatment accordingly.  It is almost as though she  is reading what the musculofascial tissue requires.” 

-David Naysmith M.D.

-Jo-Marie Naysmith

Denny Rudy

Photo of Denny Rudy
Denny Rudy Hellerwork Office 4333 Garnet St. Regina Saskatchewan S4S 3H5 Canada Home Phone: 306-533-5446

Denny’s Hellerwork journey started in 1994 when he was searching for ‘anything’ to give him relief from his chronic pain.   He had had multiple back surgeries which were the result of being misdiagnosed.   Denny has ankylosing spondylitis but this was not determined until 2004.

His first exposure to the power of Hellerwork occurred at the hands of Hellerwork practitioner and mentor Donna Rasplica.  Donna recommended that he attend the Victoria Pain Clinic.  There he met another Hellerworker and the body work he received, in addition to other types of treatment he experienced at the Clinic, made him hopeful that there was an answer for him that would help him live a healthier, happier life.

In 1995, he completed a Business Administration Diploma at the University College of the Caribou in Kelowna.  This, in addition to a career which, to that point, had included working in a family business plus sales experience in a number of areas, proved invaluable in creating a full time, successful Hellerwork practice that, as of 2020, has spanned 22 years.

Denny graduated Hellerwork training in August 1998.   He started working part time immediately and, within two months, decided to focus solely on Hellerwork and began to build a full time practice.

Continuing Education has been a foundation of his evolution in structural integration.  The integration of skills from each specialized training course he has taken has made his work better for his clients and for his own body.  Started each session with joint mobilization, fascial stretch movements and somatics, to name just some of the techniques, prepares client bodies for deeper work.  

A commitment to prevention led him to co-develop PRSI Break – a computer based stretching program for prevention of repetitive strain injuries.  The program uses slowly demonstrated, targeted stretches that release fascia and maintain healthy bodies in repetitive work (employment, self-employment, hobbies)/poor posture/high stress/post-surgery/chronic pain situations.

His personal interest in repetitive injuries stems from:  back issues, inflammatory ‘arthritis’ issues, sports injuries, post-surgical problems.

As Denny’s endorsements illustrate, his clientele is wide ranging; it includes professional athletes, musicians, legal & medical professionals, seniors who treasure mobility, those who have suffered from chronic pain for years, cancer patients and many others.

Jason Bast, Professional Hockey Player, Germany:   As an athlete, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my performance, as well as career longevity.  Every time I saw Denny, he corrected issues in my body that I could feel immediately, as well as see visibly.  His knowledge and techniques are something that I have not experienced in a long career of working with many different therapists.  I now feel that I move differently and believe that my body will be more resilient to injury, which has me excited about the future.  I look forward to continuing to correct issues with him in pursuit of a long, pain free career.

Elaine Roysum, Rancher:  My son, Cory, and I first met Denny on May 7, 2004.  My brother Brian recommended him after seeing Denny for his back, legs and just his whole body.  Denny helped him get off a lot of his medication.  He is still seeing Denny today.  Cory and I went to see Denny as Cory is suffering from systemic gout. Denny is able to give him relief so he is now able to walk, ride a horse and even rope.  I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Denny is able to keep the pain down.  He also got rid of all my scar tissue from all my surgeries so I would not have to go through surgery again.  My husband, Garnet, is now seeing Denny to help relieve his pain in his knees and back.  We have been seeing him faithfully every month to maintain our health to keep going.  Denny is the best.

Kelle Crosbie – Retired Teacher/Lawyer:   Hellerwork and Denny Rudy saved my life. I was diagnosed in 1998 with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. By January of 2003, I had tried multiple drugs, chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, naturopathy, diet. Some things helped a little bit, but the pain was like a tsunami. I felt like I was failing and falling behind in every area of my life. I had decided that I would wait until the summer and if I still felt the same way, I would end my life. My hairdresser had told me that Hellerwork had changed their life and that it was the only reason they were still able to work. I made my first appointment with Denny shortly after. It’s now been almost 18 years since then. I go every 3 weeks. It’s the single most important thing I do for myself. It didn’t “cure” my pain, but it lessened it significantly and taught me how to live with it. At first, it was just the relief of a treatment, then it became learning more about listening to my body and understanding how muscle and tissue connect and work. Denny is a lifelong learner and enthusiastic teacher. He is always bringing back information from his continuing education to share. He has given me a number of exercises and strategies to use at home or as he says, “tools for my toolbox”. People ask me what Hellerwork is and I say it’s like massage, but gentler; and at the same time, it goes deeper to release “stuck” tissue. Denny is very good at listening and understanding what a client’s needs may be. A treatment may focus on an acute problem, or it may be a general” tune-up”. I have gone through the traditional Hellerwork series a few times over the years when I am feeling good and have found benefit each time from the focused attention to a particular body system or area. I have no hesitation in recommending structural integration body work to anyone, whether you have chronic pain, an injury, or just want to be able to move more freely.


Kerry Powell, Cancer Survivor:  I was first introduced to Hellerwork almost 6 years ago, following a breast cancer diagnosis which led to DIEP flap breast reconstruction.  My Physiotherapist recommended I see Denny Rudy to determine if he could alleviate the lymphedema and chronic inflammation in my stomach that developed following the surgery.  I had explored a variety of treatment options that provided temporary relief including:  Physiotherapy, massage, laser therapy and strength training.  Hellerwork was a ‘game changer’ and is now a staple in my on-going rehabilitation.  If I miss a session, I definitely notice that my stomach feels tight and heavy.  What I really like about Hellerwork is that it incorporates the “whole body” versus one specific area.  My back, arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, neck and hips are all adjusted as Denny creatively releases tension in the deep connective tissue (fascia), increasing my mobility.  Hellerwork has enabled me to move more freely and function day to day.  In addition, my scars have faded immensely.  I highly recommend Denny and this type of body work if you have chronic pain, trauma to your body and require alignment.  Denny is absolutely amazing, and he has been instrumental in my recovery.  I am so grateful for his knowledge, skill, and healing techniques.  Thanks Denny!

Jeff Crawford, Long Distance Runner/Lawyer:   I owe my running to Denny.  After battling IT band issues for months and countless fruitless massages and physio sessions, Denny had me back on the road after a single session.  My monthly sessions with Denny are the reason I’ve been able to run nearly every day for the last two years.  I can’t thank Denny enough.

Ross Short

Photo of Ross Short
Body-Wize Office (By appointment only) 925 Tronson Dr Kelowna BC V1Y 4C9 Canada Work Phone: 250-717-3553 Website: Body Wize

Address (By appointment only):
925 Tronson Dr
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 4C9

Hours of Operation:
Mondays and Thursdays
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (last appointment @ 3:30 PM)
Tuesdays and Fridays
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM  (last appointment @ 4:00 PM
9:00AM – 3:30PM  (last appointment @2:00pm)

At Body-Wize Structural Integration, Ross’ approach is to treat the whole body, eliminating pain for the long-term rather than focusing on a short-term fix or adjustment that will mask the symptoms.

Helping you recover quickly and completely from an injury and get back to normal is his primary goal.

Ross from Body-Wize performs a very skillful and effective form of physical therapy that includes four modalities (Hellerwork, Pilates, Whole body vibration and Reiki)

Between his 25+ years’ experience and being professionally trained by experts in his field, he has achieved a 93% success rate in reducing or eliminating chronic pain for his patients.

If you have had little or no improvement of your chronic pain from your current therapist, it may be time to look into an alternative of the physical therapy you are getting.

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