Practitioner’s Journey

Ross Short

In March of 1995, I did not think that anyone could be in more pain than me. My Doctor had completed a plethora of tests in an attempt to determine the cause of my debilitating pain. All tests showed negative results, consequently, my Doctor advised me that all of the pain was in my head and the only route of treatment was T3’s with codeine.

I had abused myself physically. I had played baseball at the provincial (state) level; Junior (college) football and hockey professionally in Europe, my body was beaten up. I continued to play at a provincial level in the RCMP for the next 20 years.

We started our family at 40 years old. Our first daughter was 2 and my wife was pregnant with twin girls; I was about to be surrounded by estrogen! I wanted to be a healthy Dad and be able to play with my daughters, not live the rest of my life on T3’s.

I was introduced to Hellerwork at The Victoria Pain Clinic in April of 1995. Within 10 minutes of the practitioner working with me I could feel my pain leaving my body. This was going to be my next career. I am a graduate of North West Hellerwork class of 1995.

We have raised 3 beautiful daughters from the income I have provided through Hellerwork Structural Integration. We are now empty nesters.

A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Don & Dianne St. John; Lonny Fox & Helen Jarvis (God rest); Donna Bajalis; Joseph Heller and Dan Bienenfeld to name only a few of my mentors.

My business Body-Wize, in Kelowna, British Columbia was named after Joseph Heller’s book Bodywise.

Sarah Brown, CHP

Sarah grew up in England and moved to Kelowna in 2004. At an early age Sarah was inspired by holistic healthcare practitioners – often feeling more cared for than when she visited her family doctor. This inspired her to always seek healthcare outside of Western Medicine.

Sarah began working at a health food store in 2008 and studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) certifying as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) in 2013.


Since the age of 8 Sarah struggled with debilitating headaches and migraines. She then spent the next 12 years on a mission to find the solution to her chronic pain. From Acupuncture to Reflexology, she tried everything. Any relief only seemed temporary and on occasion she even felt worse.

In 2010, Sarah was hospitalized and felt hopeless. It was then that Sarah was introduced to Hellerwork…….

“I remember returning to work after being sick, and Shauna, my boss at Abaco Health, handed me a business card for Hellerwork. If I am honest, it didn’t inspire hope in me. I was just so shocked that someone had found a modality I hadn’t even heard of, I was willing to try it. After my first Hellerwork session, I couldn’t believe how different I felt. In a very wholesome way – I felt physically stronger and I felt something outside of my physical body shift; I had a different perspective and for the first time in many years, I found some hope.”

It was after Sarah experienced what the Hellerwork series had to offer that she began looking into the Hellerwork Training Program – after such a profound experience and improvement in her health, how could she not share this wonderful work with the world!

Sarah trained at the Universal College of Healing Arts in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated in February 2017. Sarah is also Board Certified with the International Association of Structural Integrators. In May 2017, Sarah joined the Canadian Hellerwork Association as the Hellerwork Representative to Hellerwork International.

Melanie Chasmar

I discovered Hellerwork in 2004 after injuring my low back weight lifting .

I had been going to massage and chiro and felt pretty good, but was intrigued to  see what this “Hellerwork” was all about.

As I laid supine on the table for almost the entire session, I was getting a bit worried as she had still not touched my back and that was my biggest complaint!

So i asked her….”you know it’s my back that is the problem right?”

She reassured me she knew what she was doing 😂


She also informed me that she needed to help loosen fascia that was connected to my back and was pulling my pelvis forward. 

A light bulb went off as she explained this. 

Lifting weights I had spent so much time in flexion (and flexing!) and not enough time in extension!

She was extending me! 

 She was also helping me relax and let go. 

I was so used to posing, standing flexed, and sucking everything in all the time that no wonder I was rigid, tense, and had pain. 

After that session , I felt better than I had ever remembered and immediately booked another session as I wanted to do the series! 

If she could help me feel this good in 90 minutes, what would I feel like after 10 more sessions! 

I also looked into trainings and found there was a Hellerwork school starting that August in Victoria, BC!

I signed up immediately!

Change was happening quickly and it was exciting!

In October 2005 I graduated.

Hellerwork has been one of my favorite parts of my life for the past 15 years. 

I look forward to many more years of helping people feel better in their bodies 🙏🏻

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