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What is Hellerwork

Hellerwork Structural Integration is an approach that incorporates deep tissue bodywork, somatic dialogue and movement education to address pain in the body, release tension, and stress.

How These 3 Principles Work



Fascia wraps the entire body; between muscles, muscle fibres, bones, organs, nerves, and blood vessels. Perpetual stress and tension on the fascia causes it to become rigid and stuck, creating shortening, tightening, reduced range of motion, and often pain.

This stress and tension in the body is released through deep tissue bodywork. This hands-on process allows Hellerwork practitioners to soften the hardened fascia, creating length and expansion, fluidity of movement and often a reduction in pain.


Movement Education

Exploration of movement patterns is designed to re-educate the body from moving in a pattern of tension, rigidity, and stress and into a pattern of fluidity and ease. New movement possibilities are individualized to allow for optimal alignment and more fluidity.

Somatic Dialogue

Dialogue creates an emotional awareness in order to integrate the strong relationship between body, mind and spirit. This exploration of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can help to define this relationship between the psyche and the physical self.

Delving into the emotional body provides an opportunity to improve self-awareness and ultimately increase self-expression and decrease the limits placed upon the physical body.

What is Fascia?

Hellerwork Structural Integration specifically addresses the fascial system, Fascia is the body’s connective tissue; it is an interwoven system that provides a framework for our bones, muscles, organs and blood vessels.
Fascia forms to function, so every movement you make affects how your framework is built it is also protective by nature, therefore if you have an old injury that did not heal properly, your entire framework is affected by this compensation. Addressing this unique and complex system allows a “re-structuring” of this framework to improve overall physical alignment.
This hands-on approach with your fascia, allows the fascia to change and be “re-molded” to an optimal state. Clients notice less tension, increased energy, more fluidity and ease of movement, improved flexibility, increased energy and overall improvement of well-being!

“If you have never tried Hellerwork please do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Sarah, you won’t be disappointed in the results.
As with most practitioners we notice results then go back to our regularly scheduled programming and improvement stalls. With structural integration you are retraining your body into new practices that support how your body is supposed to move.
Sarah has a wonderful skill and is dedicated to helping you become a better you.”

Lynn, Kelowna, BC

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